Megan Fox

      The star of the popular movie "Transformers", Megan Fox has a very fit and sexy body and rightfully is declared for the sexiest woman in 2009. (According to a poll by FHM). Commenting about her figure, Fox always declares that she is very lazy when it comes to exercise. Then how did she maintain her perfect body shape?


Megan's Diet

      The beautiful actress is very careful when it comes to her diet. She is a fan of eggs and is trying to eat eggs every day. Her focus is directed at breakfast, because breakfast is her biggest meal. Megan Fox has always eaten a rich and healthy breakfast, to retain energy throughout the day and to avoid hunger later.

      Almonds are also  part of the daily diet of Fox. They are a good source of protein and vitamin E. The diet of Megan Fox includes also raw vegetables, fruits and meat.

      The attractive actress is not hiding that she is a big fan of sweet. To balance the intake of sugars, she uses a small trick - apple cider vinegar.

      Megan Fox's quote: "It's only water and apple cider vinegar and completely cleans your system.For women whose body retains water, is helping to quickly get rid of it. I'm not much into diet and exercise, because I'm lazy and I'm passionate fan of sweets, so I have to clean my body sometimes, because of the amount of sugar that i consume."

      The trick of drinking apple cider vinegar and water is used also by the famous singer Fergie and the top-model Sindhi Crawford. Cider vinegar repress the appetite and helps the release of toxins from the body.