The famous Canadian singer didn't let even a single chance to the people to mention her in the group of overweight-celebrities. Her perfect body-shape is just making those who look at her to be curious about the diet she implements and the body care concept that she follows.

Avril Lavigne's diet:
     Avril is following a vegetarian diet and she prefer eating a small meals but more often. But this music icon relays her beauty on macrobiotic diet too in the recent years. This "macrobiotic" diet is a high fiber, low fat diet which includes eating of grains and vegetables mostly...

Avril's quote: “I need a lot of energy and I feel like certain foods can help you to weight down. I eat healthy most of the time, but I can not be so careful sometimes! I think that it's important to live your life a little so I can afford to myself fast food once in a while. But 90% of the time I stick to vegan.”