Have you seen the great body of Shakira in the video for her song "Wolf"? Tremendous, right?

     The change that she has made in her figure(here we are interested in diets, not music) is amazing, and anyone can see that she is so proud of her outlook, but how did she get that great body?

Obviously diet and exercise...

      Shakira's diet consists a lot of fruits, vegetables, meat and grilled fish. Two glasses of water before meals to remove the liquid gradually.

      As for exercise, is daily. The best way to loose fat is doing a cardio exercises like jogging, spinning, swimming or if you go to the gym some kind of TBC.

Sample menu from Shakira's diet: 
  • Breakfast: orange juice and coffee. After, slices of bread with a slice of ham
  • Mid morning: nonfat yogurt, a piece of fruit,
  • Lunch: a green salad/vegetable puree, fish or grilled chicken. 
  • Dinner: cooked vegetable, grilled fish, a piece of fruit.