The young and very attractive female singer occupied all the tabloids front pages nowadays. Her curves are getting the male eyes attention very easily, and she looks better and better every day. What is she hiding?

Rihanna's Diet

      Ones Rihanna said: "I love carbohydrates, but at the end of the day carbohydrates are your enemies."

      Rihanna's diet contains very low level of carbohydrates. She is throwing away from her menu the bread and pastas. And she does it with a real reason.

      Recent studies about diets have shown that people who avoid carbohydrates are loosing weight faster comparing with those who avoid eating proteins.

      Rihanna is not a fan of strict dieting. She says that is trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly, and the weight will disappear without paying special attention on it.

     The star is not skipping meals and is having a snack every four hours.

     Drinking a lots of fluids is part of the diet and everyday life of this extravagant singer.
Sample Plan of Rihanna's diet:  
  • Breakfast: pineapple juice and water with lemon.
  • Lunch: soup.
  • Dinner: chicken meat.
  • Lunch: egg white and fruit.
This diet plan looks really simple, but we must admit that Rihanna looks perfect following it. This may lead us to conclusion that  sometimes a man can achieve great things relaying on simple stuff.