The body of the very famous Beyonce causes a variety of comments in the world audience. Some of the people are finding her fat, while others are deadly attracted by her curves. Many girls want to have a body like Beyonce - thin waist and a well formed tight ass.

       This article reveals the diet of Beyonce, the diet that gives her the ability to attract the male eyes very easily. 

Beyonce's diet
      "While Beyonce was growing she was not very fit child - said Tina Knowles, Beyonce's mother.

       Maybe Beyonce was not so fit sometimes in the past, but today her figure is measurment of how the perfect woman should look like. To always look great on the stage and on the red carpet, Beyonce is taking a good care which diet will implement.

       Beyonce's diet is consisted of rich-protein food consumption . The popular singer often consumes poor meat without fats and green vegetables.

        In the list of forbidden foods in the diet of Beyonce are: red meat, bread and alcohol.

"I eat a lot of boring things like green vegetables. Do not eat red meat or bread, nor drink alcohol - do not like the taste of alcohol."-Beyonce

      During the day Beyonce eats a six small meals. According to the experts, eating six small meals is the best way of getting a nice strong abs and flat stomach.

"I am going through an agony to keep my stomach flat as much as possible , although, according to me it's never flat enough."-Beyonce

Sample Plan of Beyonce's diet: 
  • First meal: cereal Blocks (Corny). 
  • Second meal: fruit. 
  • Third meal: healthy salad called "Sasha Salad" which include: chicken breast, wine vinegar, green papers, avocados and tomatoes. 
  • Fourth Meal: "Oreo cookies - cookies as sandwich of two chocolate biscuits between which there is a white cream. 
  • Fifth meal: baked fish with vegetables.
  • Sixth meal: cucumber spiced in wine vinegar.