Jessica Alba

      Jessica Alba is one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood, due to her fantastic look wherever she appears. Whats her secret?

Jessica's Diet
      Jessica Alba mentioned in a lot of interviews that her whole family have weight related problems. Therefore, in her entire life begining from 12 years of age, Jessica is very careful about the food that she eat and the diet she will implement.

      Only 2 months after having a child, Jessica regained her beautiful figure using her diet. That's a special diet designed by her personal trainer Ramona Braganca. Jessica melted the pounds gained during the pregnancy and become even more beautiful. Her diet is named "3-2-1 diet" and includes 3 meals, 2 snacks and drinking more than one liter of water per day.

Diet sample:
     Breakfast: hard boiled eggs and fruit by choice.
     Lunch: salad with 170g chicken breast or tuna, vegetables, olive oil, lemon juice and herbs.
     Dinner: lean meat(fish, chicken or beef tenderloin) and vegetables.
     Snack: fruit, vegetables and lean meat.